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Carlos Miranda Levy • 7 February 2019

innov is designed around a solid technical foundation and structured with a clear participatory methodology and complementary processes to ensure its relevance and impact.

sectoral interviews

As a starting point, we have invited a group of actors linked to innovation to share their vision, perception and experience through a well thought and structured interview that serves as a seed to motivate an open debate and show the path for working proposals.

The result is a transversal and in-depth look at innovation by sector, described by its own protagonists and actors. By aggregating and deconstructing the interviews, we generate lists of the challenges, opportunities and recommendations by sector.

We invite everyone to participate, to share, to comment, to create together value and impact.

from participatory diagnosis to collaborative ideation

An important decision on our part is to not waste time generating static and sterile reports, aggregating and interpreting the responses of the interviewees.

Instead, the interviews are complemented by an ideation platform in which all the challenges, opportunities and recommendations by sector are published so that the relevant actors and the public in general can assess, comment, expand and offer their own ideas and opinions in around them.

ideation platform:
concrete validated actions and participatory path forward

The in-depth interviews are followed by an ideation platform where each of the challenges identified by the stakeholders in each sector is listed an open to the creation of collaborative solutions.

Participation in the ideation platform is quick and simple, allowing a larger number of stakeholders to participate and become engaged. Actors can quickly vote and comment on the challenges and solutions listed or simply add their own.

Anyone can publish other challenges and ideas not covered by the interviews and the ideation platform serves as a simpler and more direct mechanism for the active participation and contribution of sectoral actors.

Although participation is open and direct, a careful curation and moderation mechanism by peers and sectoral actors maintains the health of the platform by monitoring the quality and relevance of proposals and comments, without incurring in censorship or bias, and by ensuring all entries are listened, commented or acted upon.

resulting projects

The ideas and solutions with highest valuation and interest (by public voting, active commenting and peer review), receive dedicated support and mentoring to formally structure then in the form of actionable projects that can be launched, receive funding and articulated by the relevant stakeholders. They are then presented to partners and decision makers and enter a crowdfunding platform to raise funds and bring them to reality.

an empowered community

In parallel to the technical work of the consultations and the platforms, we create interest groups or sectoral spaces in which the actors can interact, share, invite and participate freely and without structure with other actors in their area of interest and sector.

local face to face activities

After the first round of interviews and participatory ideation, we continue with a series of meetings, workshops and marathons of ideation and development (ideathons and hackathons) with the participation in person of relevant actors and guest experts from each sector. We thus strengthen the virtual experience and the articulation and structuring of the resulting results and projects.

digital support for capacity building

The local activities, the virtual community and the entire initiative benefit from a complementary virtual learning environment and knowledge repository where digital workshops take place and the content from all our activities is available for consultation in the form of videos, presentations, documents, templates and references.

tech, experience and passion

innov is a strategic and practical initiative based on a well structured technical approach and framework, resulting from long years of experience in social processes, to guarantee relevant results and significant impact for each of the sectors and actors involved.

But it is also, much more than that. It is an initiative of passion: passion for innovation, passion for inclusion, for participation, for collaboration, for shared construction, for relevance and for real and fertile impact actions that can grow beyond the initiative itself .

We aim to attract the passion of many others and the active contribution of all stakeholders. The quality of the process depends as much on our work as on the participation of all.

Let's make this bigger than ourselves with our individual contribution.

¡Let's Innovate!

Carlos Miranda Levy
innov coordinator
Civil Innovation Lab

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