Successes on Innovation

Stakeholders from multiple sectors of society highlight the innovative initiatives they consider successful.


Sentirse orgulloso de su labor artesanal y demostrarlo a los turistas y gerencia hotel como parte de objetivos de sostenibilidad y iniciativa people’s first club med

Better communication between foreman and the landscape architect.

Use of professional grade equipment to guarantee efficiency.

Banking and Financial Services
Venture Capital

Hasta ahora son muy pocos o ninguno que verdaderamente podrian ser considerados como exitosos.

International Cooperation

At the global level, we can see innovative initiatives that have allowed addressing extreme violence in Sudan, applying the science of behavior; use of 3D printers for prostheses for inclusion, or also initiatives to help improve innovative thinking in countries such as Armenia or Sri Lanka. At the local level, we hope to see and even present results soon.


Engagement of rural populations in technology. Because people want to be involved, participate to a greater extent and be taken into account.


El sistema de seguimiento de Metas Presidenciales, que aunque es desconocida para la población en general, la realidad es que es una herramienta muy útil, que ayuda al Gobierno a tomar mejores decisiones.

También es de destacar el el programa Quisqueya aprende contigo.


The Botanical Garden of Santiago is a model of success in the management and protection of specific spaces with public-private partnerships, based on the same model used for its creation and development, there are several innovative parameters that can be perfectly replicated in other areas.

Political Parties

In the Guatemalan political sector, although it has been denigrated, there are several success stories that can be emphasized, such as the implementation of transparency platforms, the facilitation of procedures that can be done online today. As for plans that have prospered I like the support that has been given to young entrepreneurs by the Ministry of Economy, on the other hand there are several mayors who have implemented innovative policies such as the Municipality of Pachalum, one of the first rural municipalities to install free WiFi in the parks.


There have been many cases, and they all have the same formula. They are adventures that start small, that focus on controlling costs and having quality material. They have implemented efficient washing systems and material drying systems using hot air which allows ready-to-use raw material to be extracted and therefore substitute virgin raw material that is very expensive.

Civil Society

Open Innovation Model in the Public Administration.
"Legalize your home" program by the Metropolitan Mayoralty of Caracas. Caracas- Venezuela (2012-2017)

As of 2012, the Metropolitan City Hall of Caracas* suffered an abrupt and unconstitutional budget cut by the central government. As a result, funds were not available to cover the personnel, materials and logistics expenses necessary for the execution of many of the social programs carried out by the institution, among them, the "Legalize your home" program, which aimed for the regularization of property titles of self-built housing by vulnerable populations in popular sectors of the capital city.

In response to this crisis situation, an open innovation model was implemented where the limits of traditional connections and transfunctional interaction between different organizations were extended.

Under this model, students of Civil Engineering and Law** of recognized universities, as well as non-profit organizations, were incorporated as volunteers, who, together with the Mayor's office, carried out the drawing up of the plans, the preparation of the necessary legal documents and the accompaniment. to the beneficiaries for their processing before the courts.

This experience shows that it is possible to channel - in the midst of a severe economic and institutional crisis - collaborative ways of creating value for different organizations.

* Political-administrative organ of coordination of the 5 municipalities of Caracas

** Those who participated in compliance with mandatory community service, as a requirement to opt for the university degree.

Note: The program "Legalize your home", continued until the definitive suppression of the Metropolitan City Hall of Caracas, by the National Constituent Assembly, in the year 2017.

Jompéame has achieved success by the perseverance and commitment of its founders, in addition to the existing need in the country. A platform that, thanks to a more or less "frictionless" system, allows you to send donations for cases of extreme need.

Although the State or the non-profit organizations get to do an excellent job, there will always be cases that are left helpless and require the help of direct donation platforms.


Whatsapp. Its innovation is simple, now we all see it as something essential, we assume that everyone has it, it serves us in our personal and professional life, but it was not the first. Sometimes with small changes in the approach we see things totally different, WhatsApp used the contacts of the phone and allowed us suddenly to "chat" with all the people we already had in our agenda, subtle.


I think the most successful innovations have been in services through electronic channels, because they supply a need and save time and money for customers. Among these we can mention all the financial transactions that are made through Internet banking and mobile applications. I must also mention all the Electronic Government services that are already available to citizens.