Artisans hand in hand, interview with Ricardo Lanati

I understand that all innovation comes from the ability to clearly convey our ideas, desires, knowledge in something that is beyond our own ego; hands are our best tool, used by everyday warriors when weaving a fishing net; a tobacco cigar or the daily bread. My vision of innovation goes hand in hand with those anonymous incognito artisans who give us their sweat drop by drop. To innovate to resume those links ... to see, to touch, to protect ... and, above all, to protect their being and creed.

About the Interviewee

Personal Information
Ricardo Lanati
Arquitecto Principal. Owner
Lanati & Asociados
Saltscapes & Co. Ltd
Landscape Project Manager
Raymond Jungles Landscape Architecture

Fort Lauderdale, FL
United States

26.1224386, -80.1373174


Dominican by birth; Caribbean mix of soldiers, European entrepreneurs and American artisans. Lasallian training; architect; landscaper planner and explorer. Artisan of hotels and Caribbean landscapes.

Date of Interview

Importance, Opportunities and Challenges

Importance of Innovation

Because it breaks down the geographical and cultural barriers allowing to streamline and make transparent the management of quality control, labor management and design in architecture, landscaping, installation and maintenance of medium to large scale projects.

Factors that Influence or Motivate Innovation

Training, communication of work schedules and remote supervision.

Innovation Opportunities

Machinery for cutting and cleaning by hand.
Technology to make green sector practices more efficient.
Tools to communicate and improve time and supervision on site.

Challenges, Limitations and Obstacles

Break illiteracy and cultural barriers with workers without educational level but great capacity for learning and work ethics.

In the Lesser Antilles, to find skilled labor with legal immigration status and maintaining cash flow.

Significant Impact

Improve supervision and quality controls and above all creation of open communication platforms among Management Hotel + client + landscape architect + gardening foreman.

Personnel management, payroll and financial management.

Actores en Riesgo

Gardeners and landscapers who don't prepare themselves and can be replaced by others.

Lessons Learned and Recommended Actions

To Encourage or Motivate Innovation

Homogenize cellular or tablet computer platforms; obtain internet services and include it in project costs so that it does not burden the workers.

Discipline in cell phone use for work purposes and avoid alienation and distraction from social media.

Training in the use of tools with proven techniques in other global and efficient companies as well as ancestral gardening techniques eg. Japanese and indigenous peasant culture.

Encouraging safety in the workplace; use of personal protection equipment and protection of tourists and property.

Team building using social media wapp group

Innovative Projects and Initiatives

Uso de apps para comunicar tareas a jardineros

Innovation Failures

Mobile phones usage, which creates situations of lack of concentration and focus.

Innovation Successes

Sentirse orgulloso de su labor artesanal y demostrarlo a los turistas y gerencia hotel como parte de objetivos de sostenibilidad y iniciativa people’s first club med

Better communication between foreman and the landscape architect.

Use of professional grade equipment to guarantee efficiency.

Personal Perspective and Experience

Personal Challenges or Limitations

Barrera ante la contratación de obreros por corrupción Generalizada .

Reglas y Medidas disciplinarias para uso celular en obra. Por razones de seguridad y evitar accidentes por la distracción por mal uso del celular en horas laborables.Salvo para emergencias y comunicar trabajos. Una anécdota es que entre los empleados de 18 a 29 años ha sido muy difícil el control; actitud irresponsable e infantil o una forma de rebeldía. Los empleados de nacionalidad Turks and Caicos o belongers de esa edad y los de origen en general Haitiano prefieren No trabajar y abandonar la obra al restringirse el uso de celular en horas laborales.” I don’t work with rules” me dijo un joven Belonger y abandonó su puesto al yo comentarle que no podía usar pala con un celular en la mano.....?

Disciplina; mejor comunicación y entrenamiento usando herramientas de innovación.

Personal Achievements

Mis tres hijos y mis muchachos artesanos de jardineria. Ver su progreso personal y económico.

Open Closing Comments

Mi equipo de trabajo y gerencial interactúa libremente y nos comunicamos para eficientizar servicio y control calidad y gerencial.