Sectoral Interviews on Innovation

Explore the views on innovation of engaged stakeholders from different sectors and around the world.

Agricultural Innovation, interview with Chris Kaput

Permaculture expert, passionate about agriculture and sustainable development, Chris' (or "The Growing Dutchman", his popular nickname), experiences have taken him around the planet on the implementation and practical application of innovative models and mechanisms for ecological, organic and sustainable production that respects and enriches both the environmental and cultural environment of commercial production.

Building the Future, interview with Sachi Hoshikawa

Plurality is part of her essence. Of oriental and Caribbean origins and based in the New York area, Sachi has developed a fruitful career following her passions as architect, art critic, urban and business developer and photography, from a solid academic upbringing and active participation in her immediate and remote environment.

Artisans hand in hand, interview with Ricardo Lanati

I understand that all innovation comes from the ability to clearly convey our ideas, desires, knowledge in something that is beyond our own ego; hands are our best tool, used by everyday warriors when weaving a fishing net; a tobacco cigar or the daily bread. My vision of innovation goes hand in hand with those anonymous incognito artisans who give us their sweat drop by drop. To innovate to resume those links ... to see, to touch, to protect ... and, above all, to protect their being and creed.

Banking and Financial Services
Financial Innovation: Banking and Trade
Pushing for the future we want | interview with Shaula T. Montás

Entrepreneur, executive coach and technologist with a long career in the development of entrepreneurial and intra-organizational innovation, Shaula has an inspiring career that includes social projects and roles in the public sector, multinational companies and tech services.

Venture Capital
Innovation in Venture Capital, interview with Michael Jacobo

A young catalyzer of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem with a solid academic background and professional experience shares his contagious enthusiasm and dynamism in the articulation and evolution of innovative projects with a sustainable impact.

Innovation in Culture, interview with Gala Papillon

Born and raised in Europe, but with strong roots and Caribbean identity, Gala shares her vision of innovation in the field of art and culture, combining experiences and perspectives of both worlds.

International Cooperation
Innovation in International Cooperation, interview with Enrique Morales

Throughout his extensive career in the area of technological infrastructure within the United Nations Development Program, Enrique has been an active witness and participant in numerous and varied processes of innovation, articulation and social impact for sustainable human development at the core of international cooperation and at the local level.

innovation in education, more than using technology | interview with Hilda Karina Abréu

Having spent all her life linked to and at the forefront of an educational institution recognized for its innovative approach and holistic upbringing of creative and sensitive new generations, Hilda Karina shares her educational perspective of innovation.

Innovation in the face of change, interview with Sandra A.

For Sandra, a biologist with decades of experience in the Bolivian Amazon basin and other protected areas, paired with a fruitful career in the formulation and implementation of environmental strategies and policies for public and civil society organizations, innovation involves renewing, changing, opening up to new in a changing world.

Innovation from within, interview with Vivi Kieffer

A Communicator and executive coach for women. Vivi supports their growth and encourages them to want to take on new challenges, not to fear innovation. She has developed a visual art that brings abstract art into the third dimension, calling this search "Volumetric Abstraction". As an ambassador for the GYCN she advocates how to take the initiative to face climate change. 

Redesign for excellence, innovation in sustainable energy | entrevista con Yomayra Martinó

A fresh and practical vision from the perspective of sustainable energy, entrepreneurship and the consulting world.

Innovation in Technology and Energy | Interview with Omar Pool

Consultor en emprendimiento e innovación, Omar comparte su visión de la innovación como la creación de valor mediante nuevas soluciones, ya sean productos, servicios o modelos de negocio.

Government Innovation, interview with Houston Ramos

Houston nos ofrece su perspectiva de la innovación, tanto desde su experiencia como emprendedor tecnológico y como actor gubernamental desde el Consejo Nacional de Competitividad. Esta visión dual desde ambos extremos se amplía con su propia trayectoria personal que lo llevó de humildes orígenes rurales al corazón de la vida metropolitana y actividad económica en su país.

Innovating to restore hope, interview with Nelson Bautista

To innovate from an environmental perspective has a simple but powerful meaning: to seek, modify or create paradigms that allow humans to provide more efficient and sustainable answers to the environmental challenges that our presence on the planet has caused over centuries and which have worsened in recent years.

Political Parties
Innovation in Politics, interview with María Fernanda Mejía

A plural and social vision from a young woman active in the political, social and economic development field in Central America and her experience living in Europe.

Innovation on Recycling, interview with Jorge Rizek

Innovation for sustainability, from the perspective of Jorge, an ex-financier, merchant of art and entrepreneur of recycling that promotes the articulation of businesses around management of solid waste.

Civil Society
Innovation for development, interview with Herelys Leiva García

Innovation, in any sector and at any of its levels, is intrinsically linked to the ability to question ourselves. The questions What?; Why? For what? and how ?, have been the great questions that have triggered the progress of humanity. Herelys, a social management consultant Venezuelan migrant shares her views and experience with civil society innovation.

Innovación in Civil Society, interview with Severin Carminati

A technical and social perspective, from an engaged stakeholder with practical experience in the civil society organizations ecosystem, their articulation processes, their challenges and the construction of capacities for their institutional strengthening and sustainability.

Innovation in Civil Society, interview with Gianni Dal Mas

A highly adapted Italian with long years in the Dominican-Haitian physical frontier and in the cultural and economic borders of the rights and empowerment of workers and the responsibility of companies towards their human resources, as well as between citizens and social organizations. With extensive practical experience in the field of civil society and corporate performance, Gianni was the first person we went to consult about his perspective in innovation.

Innovation for Business Development, interview with Adel Rodríguez

Adel brings a practical perspective on innovation and its potential, based his experience and passion for mechatronics and the design of technological products for business impact.

Innovation in Technology, interview with Rafael Gerardo Weisz

Rafael shares his experience and vision both from his perspective as an immigrant entrepreneur in Spain, as well as a technology developer and the experience of his successful innovation project of interactive technology in the competitive European market.

Innovation is solving a problem with a creative solution, interview with Mite Nishio

Innovation is the search for a creative solution to a problem that can be used for social or economic development. We can all be innovators, we do not have to start from scratch necessarily, innovation can be achieved by modifying or changing something that already exists, be it a product, a process, or a service. Mitsuteru Nishio shares his experience as technology and telecommunications expert with a long career and engagements with businesses, policy strategies and support for the civil society.